The Governor of Odessa has paid 600 thousand bail for the ex-leader of the Odessa Right sector

Maxim Stepanov understands the motives of Sergey Sternenko, but believes his actions are unacceptable


The Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov has made 600 thousand bail for the former head of the Odessa cell “Right sector” Sergey Sternenko. He reported about it in Facebook.

“This is my human reaction to injustice. 600 thousand UAH Deposit for the one who rushed to the police, and 128 thousand UAH of a Deposit in order to blame for the ruined lives of the children in the camp “Victoria”. Where is the justice?” – explains the Governor of his action.

Stepanov noted that perfectly understands the motives Sternenko, but his actions are considered unacceptable.

“I emphasize again: I do not support and never will support the radicalism of the forms of protest in this initially peaceful protest. But well aware that was the reason for such action. The reason is outrageous, protest is an adequate form of protest is not valid!”, – he stressed.

Stepanov believes that nothing Sternenko attacked police officers, because they honestly were guarding the rule of law.

“I think our police force guarantor of security and strongly disagree with the criticism of law enforcement in the situation around the Summer theatre. Numerous police presence thwarted plans to start the rally in the city garden of the aunts, and to massacre the defenders of the Summer theatre” – he said.

We will remind, in Odessa, a rally against the construction of flats turned into a brawl with the police, in the course of the conflict, the parties used tear gas and batons. Affected about 20 officers, including the chief of the regional police Dmitry Golovin, who smashed his head.