The German company Lilium Aviation introduced a new product – double aircraft Lilium Jet with vertical takeoff and landing. It is equipped with a motor 36, mounted on the wings.

It is assumed that Lilium Jet will be fully integrated into the urban transport infrastructure, so it does not need runways or specially equipped areas for takeoff and landing is quite small enough open space.

The simplicity of the design ensure aircraft low cost commensurate with the value of the car, and a good range of up to 300 km at a speed of 300 km/h.

Lilium Jet is designed for simple maneuvers and creates less noise than a motorcycle. While it is economical, thanks to its electric motors powered by batteries, similar to those found on electric cars Tesla.

Special attention was paid to digging safety: in case of accident Lilium Jet is equipped with a parachute, and a special system will block any dangerous maneuvers pilots.

The creators of the aircraft I see his future as an air taxi, which is planning to increase its capacity to 5 passengers. It is assumed that the flying taxis will be by 2025.