March 21, 2019 will be a full moon. Astrologers told how it will affect the Zodiac signs.
At full moon there are a number of prohibitions / photo

The first spring full moon falls on March 21, it happens in Libra, which is projected to bring some kind of instability and doubts about own actions.

The full moon in March: when, how and what will happen

The full moon on March 21 will happen in 3 hours 43 minutes Moscow time. According to the lunar calendar, it will transition from 15 to 16 lunar day.

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Full moon: what you should not do

At full moon there are a number of prohibitions, among which are: quarrels, long distance travel, experiments with her hair, the signing of important documents, the borrowing of money.

It is believed that the full moon can not plan and carry out operations as may open bleeding, and the wounds will be long disturbed. Under the powerful influence of the moon can worsen the disease, emotional state during this period longs to be desired.

Our ancestors said that the moon is full, women are not allowed to sleep in the zone of moonlight: so supposedly, you can lose beauty.

They say that at full moon you can not ask for promotion or salary: it can turn into a scandal and even dismissal.

Moreover, the full moon should abandon heavy physical work, because it can negatively affect your health.

The astrologers advise to do in the full moon

Astrologers say that to avoid negative influence of the full moon will help a favorite cause or just relaxing. They suggest this day to walk in the Park, play sports or read a book.

Also on this day, March 21, to go to the movies, to analyse his actions and deeds.

Thus, this is the best day to be alone with loved ones and spend time in a relaxed atmosphere.

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The full moon on March 21, 2019: how will it affect the signs of the Zodiac

Aries. Your energy is bubbling, so point her in the right direction and make this day of learning, intellectual or manual labor.

Taurus. It’s time to send their forces to the front. Astrologers suggest this day to end long-standing disputes with relatives or loved one.

Gemini. It’s time to solve the problem, get out of the situation and earn. Love astrologers advise you to cast away all doubts.

Cancer. The full moon is a time of new opportunities for this Zodiac sign. In the professional plan, you can seriously move forward.

Lion. It’s your star time, so astrologers suggest 21 Mar simply to enjoy life. The day symbolizes profit, income.

Virgin. Astrologers advise the representatives of this Zodiac sign to apply your analytical mind and to finally welcome. This applies to both the personal front and work.

Libra. Astrologers warn that in this day conflicts with the second half. But the powerful energy of the moon will help to smooth out acute angles and with dignity out of the situation.

Scorpio. Morale and confidence will help in this day to reach their goal. Just do not take hasty decisions.

Sagittarius. There’s good news and warning: this day is suitable for different kinds of travel, but do not make late walking through the deserted places, otherwise in danger.

Capricorn. This Zodiac sign is a very lucky man March 21, because the astrologers say that Capricorns can get in this day an unexpected profit.

Aquarius. Stars promise the happiness of this Zodiac sign, if he can use the powerful energy of the moon in the day to achieve internal harmony.

Fish. Astrologers suggest this day is not afraid to go against the system. A little perseverance will help to achieve this goal.

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