The former doctor of women’s team USA gymnastics put on 175 years

For harassment


Ex-official physician of the U.S. women’s team gymnastics Larry Nassar received a sentence of 175 years in prison – after almost 160 women, including Olympic medalist, said that it is harassment of a sexual nature.

The meeting was held in the court of the state of Michigan, report world media citing Reuters.

“I just signed your death warrant,” said Nassar, a district court judge Rosmari akilina, stressing that he will not be released until the end of life.

Larry Nassar pled guilty in November last year, in seven episodes of sexual violence in the court of Ingham County, and also in three episodes during the trial in Eaton County. He has received a sentence of 60 years imprisonment in Federal prison for possession of child pornography found on his computer.

Nassar for nearly two decades working as a sports doctor at the University of Michigan, where she trained the women’s national team USA gymnastics. In addition, during this period he four times was included in the delegations of the United States at the Olympic games.

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