The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Jacek Czaputowicz in an interview with RBC said the situation around the destruction of monuments to Soviet soldiers in the country.

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According to the Polish Minister, the citizens have a different attitude to the monuments of gratitude to the red army and in places of burial of Soviet soldiers.

“Really, the attitude to the so-called monuments of gratitude is different from the relationship to the cemeteries, where are buried the Soviet soldiers. Polish society believes that, despite the fact that the Soviet Union played a huge role in the victory over fascism, freedom to the Polish people it has not brought”, — said Czaputowicz.

He noted that after the Second world war in Poland “was planted totalitarian and repressive Soviet regime,” which led to this assessment of these events in the Polish society.

Nevertheless, the Polish foreign Minister has advocated for a reduction of the intensity of historical disputes and urged professionals to analyze historical documents and sources.

Earlier, the court in Poland to investigate the case of the destruction of the mausoleum and the burial place of Soviet soldiers in the business Advisor in September 2017.

In early February in Leszno dismantled the monument of gratitude to the red army.

In the summer of 2019, the Ambassador of Russia in Poland Sergey Andreev in an interview with “Izvestiya” told about the dismantling of more than 420 Soviet monuments outside of the sites over the last 20 years.