The flow of water during a heavy storm in Pattaya has led to huge gullies on the beaches

The Pattaya News / YouTube

2 APR first strong storm of the season descended on the popular Thai resort of Pattaya. After the rain the water level on some streets reached 1 meter, which led to serious congestion. In addition, turbulent flow caused great damage to beaches, Stormnews reports with reference to the Pattaya Mail.

During the disaster suffered motorists. Many cars stalled in flooded streets, to overcome them could only a large tourist buses. In one of the villages on the outskirts of the city, the water poured into the house, but no one was injured.

On the beaches the water flows left a huge washout and stones. In addition, because of the peculiarities of the local sewer system part of wastewater during heavy rains does not pass through the treatment plant and goes directly into the sea and causing massive pollution. It happened this time.

Pattaya is a large and very crowded city, so do not count on the very clean sea and beaches, said the tourism authority of Thailand. The Central beach of the city crowded and clogged, Jomtien choose lovers of quiet and relaxing holiday, and is considered the cleanest beaches in Naklua and palm beach.