Saturday. Odessa. Stadium “Chernomorets”. “Chernomorets” – “Dinamo” – 1:1. Dmitry LEONOV tries to pass of Mykola MOROZYUK and Vitor the CENTER. Photo:

The match in Odessa becomes the anniversary, the 50th, held Chornomorets and Dynamo in all competitions during independence of Ukraine: 4 games held in the Championships (CHU) and 3 in the Cup.

37 times the victory was celebrated by the Dynamo, 8 times the referees have fixed draws and only 5 games Victoria was on the side of the sailors.

Top scorers in previous meetings in the “Dynamo” is Andriy Yarmolenko (13 goals), and “Chernomorets” Alexander Kosyrin (3).

Yuri MAZURKEVICH, Sport-Express in Ukraine


Date Of Rank City Score The Coach Of “Dynamo” Coach “Chernomorets”

1st 22.11.1992 CHU Odessa 1:1 józsef SZABÓ Viktor PROKOPENKO

10th 15.03.1997 CHU Kiev 2:0, Valeriy LOBANOVSKIY and Leonid BURYAK

20th 14.06.2004 CHU Kiev 4:2 Alex MICKLE semen ALTMAN

30th 12.04.2009 CHU Kyiv 3:1 Yuri SEMIN Viktor GRISHKO

40th CHU 30.08.2014 Kyiv 2:0 REBROV Roman GRIGORCHUK

50th 25.08.2018 CHU Odessa 1:1 Alexander Khatskevich angel CHERVENKOV