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Today, March 13, the American President Donald trump made several personnel changes. Dismissing the Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, he was appointed to the post of the head of the CIA Mike Pompeo. The last today nominated Gina Haspel: she will become the first woman in history to lead the Central intelligence Agency. For the purpose Haspel as for the approval Pompeo in a new position, still must be voted on by the Senate, however, write the American media, it’s a done deal.

The most interesting thing about the personnel reshuffle in Washington and about the new head of us intelligence in the review


61-year-old Haspel worked at the CIA since 1985 (29 years). In recent years she served as the head of the counterterrorist center of the CIA, and from February 2017 – became Deputy head of the intelligence Agency.

The head of the secret prison

In 2002, she, according to the newspaper The New York Times, ran a secret prison of the intelligence cat Eyes in Thailand, which contained members of the terrorist group al-Qaeda. This prison was created after the attacks of 11 September 2001.

Prior arrangement

CNN, citing sources, said that about an upcoming appointment Pompeo knew since December last year. Presumably, Haspel also notified about future enhancement.

“The dark past”

In 2013, when Hespel applied for the post in the secret task force of the CIA, the Senator from Democrats Dianne Feinstein blocked her appointment to the Committee of intelligence: the cause was called Haspel allegedly participated in the torture.

When, in February 2017 trump has appointed her Deputy head of the CIA, individual members of the Senate Committee on intelligence urged the President to reconsider his decision. They expressed concern at the fact that such a high post was appointed the person responsible for the destruction of videotapes of CIA, which was caught using torture during interrogations.

Now, some media suggest that the “dark past” of the CIA can become a cause of dissatisfaction with her appointment in the first place among the Democrats.

Accusations from the European centre

In 2017 the European centre for constitutional rights and human rights called for the attorney General of Germany to issue a warrant for the arrest Haspel. She was charged in the torture of terrorism suspects. In particular, Haspel was accused of the torture of Abu Zubaydah: the U.S. Senate stated that he was not allowed to sleep, and beat my head against the wall and closed in very close quarters. All of this lasted for one month.

“Exemplary officer”

Despite the condemnation of certain American politicians, Haspel, according to media reports, was highly respected in the administrations of Bush and Obama.

Pompeo has described his former subordinate as “exemplary intelligence officer” who has “an uncanny ability to achieve success and inspire others”.

The current head of the Senate Committee on intelligence Richard Boer told the newspaper USA Today, “is proud of her work and I am sure that the Committee will maintain good relations with the CIA under her leadership”.


The new head of the CIA in the past has been repeatedly awarded for their service. On account of its reward from George Bush for his work in the counterintelligence, award named Joseph Donovan, a medal of merit. Hespel also awarded the Presidential rank award – the highest US award for civilian service.

About his appointment and the tramp

“Be grateful to President Trump for the opportunity,” said today Hespel. “If my candidacy is approved (in the Senate – ed.), I look forward to the opportunity to present to the President of the Trump outstanding intelligence support, he waited in the first year of his tenure” she said.

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