KIEV. 2 Aug. UNN. A fire in the building housing the Ukrainian engineering and pedagogical Academy in Kharkiv localized. About it reported in GU gschs of Ukraine in the Kharkov area, transfers UNN.

“At 18:00 the fire was localized. Now continue to fire”, – stated in the message.

The press service noted that the total area of fire is about 800 sq. m.

We will remind, the message on a fire in a two story educational building of the Ukrainian engineering-pedagogical Academy came to the duty part 2 August at 15:07. It was found that the fire engulfed the construction of the attic, floors and roof of a two storey building. In addition, the fire by hollow internal structures spread to some rooms on the 2nd floor.

Also UNN reported that the head of the fire fighting declared raised number of complexity.

“The decision was made on attraction of additional forces and means of the SSES. In General, to the place of fire was sent divisions of gschs in the amount of 13 offices by trucks, 4 ladders, 2 rescue vehicles and other special equipment,” – said the rescuers.

On the fire place employs approximately 96 people of personnel of gschs.