KIEV. 2 Aug. UNN. In Kharkiv there was a fire in the academic building of the Ukrainian engineering-pedagogical Academy. Rescuers announced a higher level of complexity, reports UNN , citing the press-service GU gschs in the Kharkov area.

“The head of the fire fighting declared raised number of complexity. The decision was made on attraction of additional forces and means of the SSES. In General, to the place of fire was sent divisions of gschs in the amount of 12 branches on trucks, 4 ladders, 1 rescue vehicle and other equipment. Fire works about 80 people of personnel of gschs”, – said gschs in the Kharkov area.

The press service added that the fire area is about 500 sq. m. Now continues liquidation.

As reported by UNN, in the building of the Ukrainian engineering and pedagogical Academy in Kharkiv there was a fire.