The Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. were placed in Russian-speaking Facebook is to search for informants with a photo of a Soviet actor Vladimir Vysotsky in the role of zheglova and with a quote from Ilf and Petrov

The announcement was accompanied by the message “the meeting Place cannot be changed. We have something to talk about. We also love Vysotsky”


Vladimir Vysotsky

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The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), the U.S. were placed in Russian-speaking Facebook ads to search for informants with a photo of a Soviet actor Vladimir Vysotsky in Gleb zheglova’s role from the movie “meeting Place cannot be changed” and with a quote from Ilf and Petrov. The report is available on the social network page of the disclosure advertisers.

“Information provided to the FBI by the population, is the most effective means of dealing with threats. If you have information that can help the FBI, we ask you to contact us,” reads the ad. The link leads to a Russian page of the program of FBI counterintelligence in Washington.

Three ads launched in February and shows the real social network users. One of them is accompanied by a photo of Vladimir Vysotsky in the image of the head of Department on struggle against gangsterism Moore Gleb Zheglov. The announcement was accompanied by the message “the meeting Place cannot be changed. We have something to talk about. We also love Vysotsky”.

Another cited a modified phrase from the novel by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov “12 chairs” – “the Rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowning.” The tagline of another ad – “We are ready to talk. It’s up to you”.

Lawyer Vladimir Postnik in conversation with RIA “Novosti” reported that the relatives of Vladimir Vysotsky can demand compensation from the USA for the use of his photograph in an advertising campaign for the FBI. The son of the actor Nikita Vysotsky also said that does not rule out this possibility.

“To ask them something, some compensation is possible only through the U.S. Supreme court. Sue in America – is complicated and expensive. What to do, I think. Of course, my rights, my brother and Marina Vlady is broken, so probably something to do. How and here do I need to claim compensation we will decide. But trust me, you have to be Deripaska to sue in America. This is a difficult case,” he said.

The FBI, backed by its call for cooperation photo Vysotsky, went off into the milk. Because Vladimir Semenovich little love. To know him and understand the need.

— Julia Vityazev (@Vityzeva) March 6, 2020

FBI Vysotsky certainly screwed. As the face of the campaign, calling on Russian citizens to rat out their country, which would be better to use images Vlasov, Suvorov-Rezun, Solzhenitsyn, or at least Gorbachev.

— Voice of Mordor (@spacelordrock) March 6, 2020

“The FBI decided to recruit Russians is High”.

Counter-advertising. It would be better approached Tokarev or anybody who went to Brighton for the “American dream”. Vysotsky was not a dissident, his credo: “In my country there are problems, but to talk about them I will not be with you”..

Uruguayan intelligence (@UrgvRazvedka) March 6, 2020

We will remind, in October of 2019, CNN reported that the FBI had posted in Facebook advertising aimed at Russian-speaking residents of Washington. It was about three ads with calls to share information. In one of the posts the authors have made some mistakes: in the picture with the image of two adult men and girls in cap a graduate of the University was the inscription: “for the Sake of your future, for the future, vashy seme!”.

CNN found at least three commercials, the FBI in Russian. They urge you to cooperate with us intelligence agencies.
“For the sake of your future
For future vashy seme!”
Just beautiful. Even the text is clear a great Russian future.

Radio Shame (@RadioStydoba) October 3, 2019

Then the official representative of the FBI, commented on the publication CNN: “We notice that Russia has a large number of intelligence officers in diplomatic missions around the world. They are very active and pose a security threat for the United States and our allies. The FBI uses various methods of information gathering, including working with sources. We will use all legal methods to find people with information that will help to protect US from threats to national security.”

And in the summer of 2018 open search via Twitter new staff to counter the Russian threat was involved in the CIA. An announcement about the recruitment of new staff, who must first master the Russian language was posted on the microblog of the Central intelligence Agency. “You know Russian language? You are a U.S. citizen with a bachelor’s degree? You want to serve your country? Visit our website to know details about the vacancies or opportunities for students,” – said in the message.

It’s all about what you know!
Do you know Russian?
Are you an US citizen with a college degree?
Do you have an interest in serving your country?

Please visit to explore and apply for career and student opportunities!

— CIA (@CIA) May 31, 2018