UK law allows you to obtain the official license plate of almost any vehicle. It could be racing cars that won’t allow on the roads in any other country in the world, unusual electric cars or high-speed sofas. Now this list was added and the fastest cabin in the world.

Kevin nix, along with her daughter assembled it at home. He started with a Volkswagen Passat with a 2.8-liter six-cylinder engine producing 200 HP, Navarro on it steel frame new huts and sheathing his tree. However, since now this mid-size sedan weighed more than two tons, the Knicks have added a nitro boost, running on nitrous oxide. This added to the racing potential of the shed another 75 horsepower.

Hut now the bullet can accelerate to 150 km/h officially approved for use on the roads, can turn, to move backwards and to perform its main function – to be an ordinary house on wheels. Due to its small size, it can safely travel and Park on any patch. While its maximum speed limit, in fact, a high mass and a lousy aerodynamics.