In the Kharkiv city Council said that to preserve the Cascade in its original form was impossible.
Calling cards Kharkov has lost a half million hryvnias / photo city.kharkov.Eatonton “Cascade” in the garden of Shevchenko will be no more. In its place now mounted on a granite stage.

Writes UA: Kharkov, the press Secretary of the mayor Yury Sidorenko said that cascading fountain worked in Kharkiv for more than 60 years. Why the municipality decided to rebuild it?

On the territory of “Cascade” in Shevchenko gardens the builders. The site is fenced.

And this video on his page in Facebook published the first Deputy mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov. In the message he indicated that after reconstruction — before descending will operate two fountains, a staircase will be decorated with granite, water it will not drain.

Work in this area began in 2017, said the representative of “Kharkov anti-corruption center” Evgeny Lisichkin.

“In 2017, tenders were put out. Was the design work ordered by the architect from the city of Chernigov Proshchenko Artem Anatolyevich. He got less than 1.5 million UAH. It’s for design work and supervision. If we assume there is project work, major repairs, field technical supervision, it is up to 60 million UAH has turned out,” says Lscc.

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The cascading fountain was removed at the request of the customer. This utility “Kharkovzelenstroy,” says the author of the reconstruction project-Anton proshenko.

“There are some objective and subjective decisions from the client. And here I am not ready to answer why. But there were some changes made to the draft terms of reference. The customer in front of us is not obliged to report. We were given new terms of reference, it does not contradict the current legislation, so we have made changes to the project,” says Proshchenko.

Lydia Kapnist said to “Cascade” came from childhood.

“Here people come with children. Children danced, played. Whether you remember it or not? On this water. How much was the pleasure and joy. To deprive of this pleasure… a crime can not be called, but dementia can be,” says Kapnist.

Restorer Vladimir Lopatko shows a map of zones of protection of monuments of the city. By law they can be restored only by the decision of the Ministry of culture. “Cascade”, according to him, this list is not included.

“This building was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Kharkiv. It’s really a significant object. This engineering structure, which is a landscape object. That is, in the structure of the Park is a wonderful facility and on the slopes it is very appropriate. The citizens came from just up, of course, in hot weather, always went past the cascade, enjoying the humid air,” says Lopatko.

“Cascade” is now continuing the construction, installation and finishing works /

The fountain was built 64 years ago, said the representative of the municipality Yuri Sidorenko. Why did you decide to remove the water from the steps, explains:

“Unstable ground on which this fountain, even with the same amount of water, it simply would not have survived. Imagine the economic component of the content of the “Cascade”. Now is how much water, how much it cost in the Soviet times… next to the Subway, constant vibration, floating ground, leaking. To save it was impossible,” — said Sidorenko.

When you finish the reconstruction, the speaker of the city Council says.

“Cascade” will be two fountains and a ramp / photo

We will note, according to the project on the ground before the descent will be two fountains. Stairs to be faced with granite and the water will not flow. For people with disabilities and mothers with strollers on the “Cascade” will also install a ramp.

Reference to UNIAN. “Cascade” was built in 1955 on the eve of the 300th anniversary of Kharkiv, which was celebrated in 1956. In those years, it was thought that Kharkov was founded in 1656. Subsequently, it adopted a new version of the founding of the city in 1654.

Kharkiv “Cascade” before the reconstruction / photo