Video of the Famous Christmas Carol “silent night” celebrated 200 yearsPhoto: Pinterest

Carol enters list of world heritage of UNESCO and has been translated into 300 languages

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The Christmas Carol “silent night” (“silent night, Holy night”), which is performed all over the world, celebrated 200 years.

It is reported by Vatican News.

The lyrics was written by an Austrian Catholic priest, Joseph Mohr in 1816. In fact it was shestistolpny poem about the Nativity.

Two years later, the Austrian Franz Xaver Gruber wrote the music for it.

The first Christmas Carol was sung during the Christmas worship service on 24 December 1818 at the St. Nicholas Church in the Austrian town of Oberndorf bei Salzburg.

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Today “silent night, Holy night” belongs today to the UNESCO world heritage site and has been translated into 300 languages.

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