Professor, Department of preventive medicine hospital Kiel, University of Cachan Chung Jae-Hoon said that contactless technology in the subway don’t matter, the passengers are supposed to wear masks.

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  • © Alexander Avilov

“From the point of view of suppression of coronavirus contactless turnstiles do not make sense”, — quotes RIA Novosti review Jung Jae-Hoon about the idea of the South Korean government to install contactless turnstiles in the subway.

According to him, the contact with the turnstile too superficial and is a small part of the danger to which is exposed to subway passengers.

“The first thing is to make the passengers were wearing masks inside the car and washing or disinfecting hands immediately after leaving the train,” he added.

Previously, scientists from University of Copenhagen published in the journal Nature reviews article, which warned of the possibility of the rise of obesity in the world because of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 and introduced due to the quarantine measures.