The woman in this situation, sexologist advises a man to talk to and find out the reason why he doesn’t want sex.
With age, men want less sex / photo lifenail.housesthat the stereotype that the man is always ready to have sex, and the woman lingers. But sometimes a woman wants, and the man – no.

And there are many reasons. Their listed sexologist Olga Vasilenko, reports “Health 24”.

The causes of lack of sexual desire in men

1. The weak sexual Constitution. Sexual Constitution is what was given to us by nature. We call temperament, libido, but the essence is the same. Each of us wants sex in accordance with their sexual Constitution.⠀

2. Age. Yes, with age, men want sex less and less.⠀

3. Sleep deprivation and fatigue. If not in the habit of sleep, the man is always sleepy, and want sex less or not want at all. All I want is to lie down and sleep.

4. Nutrition and lifestyle. When he’s not very strong, it can not affect the libido. Let’s not forget about the extra weight, it can force to refuse sex.

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5. Hormonal failure. Men also need to go to an endocrinologist. Often then they prescribe therapy with testosterone with its low performance and the presence of sexual ailments.⠀

6. Stress, depression, antidepressants.⠀

7. Disease. When we get sick, then all the power is going to restore the body and not to sex.⠀

8. Sublimation (redirection of energy) in sport, work, work.⠀

9. Lack of motivation for sex, anger at partner, quarrels.

10. Fears. Often these fears cause women, when you criticize sex with a partner.

11. Well, not to say about the implementation of his libido in bed with another woman.