He predicts that such a ban will hit primarily in the Russian economy, as desired by the Kremlin political benefits will not bring.
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The results of the ban on oil imports to Ukraine was unpleasantly surprised by Russian authorities. This opinion was expressed by well-known entrepreneur, working in the oil and gas industry Leonid kosyanchuk, assessing the imposed by the Kremlin on 1 June, the ban on import to Ukraine of Russian oil and oil products.

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“From June 1, the Russian government has banned the export to Ukraine of oil and oil products. But, the fact that oil from Russia to us does not go at all. And for many years. But the share of diesel fuel and liquefied gas in the Ukrainian market is about 40%. The Ukrainian market is a very diversified thing. We, thank God, not “sit on the needle” of Russia. But rather Russia through Rosneft and a ten-year contract with certain people. They give your diesel engine, which, through the “Prikarpat West TRANS” comes on the pipe”, − he said in comments to the editor-in-chief.

In addition, kosyanchuk predicts that this ban will hit primarily in the Russian economy, as desired by the Kremlin political benefits will not bring.

“This decision will have an enormous economic loss for Russia. Russia will only lose LP gas $ 2 billion a month. Political profits from the decision of the Russian government here too, no, no. Why is it taken two days before the election – I do not understand. There is no political motive or attempting to pressure,” he said.

As suggested kosyanchuk, the Ukrainian fuel market will be able to be reconstructed even in the conditions of Russia’s ban on imports of “black gold” in Ukraine.

“We were given a deadline of 1 June. That is, the month of may will go to all these wonders. During this time, operators of the domestic fuel market pereformuliruem their imports. And from there – from Belarus, Lithuania, Greece, Romania, and Qatar.

Maybe there will be impact on pricing in the separate networks. But no more than 1 hryvnia. And this is due to the fact that not everyone will have time to redirect import flows and open up new long-term contracts,” he concluded.

We will remind, earlier Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree that from June 1, 2019, prohibit the export of Russian oil and oil products within Ukraine. According to him, this measure is a response to the recent expansion of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the list of prohibited to import Russian goods.

As UNIAN reported earlier, according to Director of consulting group “A-95” Sergei Kuiun, the new regime of issuing permits for the export of Russian liquefied gas and diesel fuel, which will take effect from June 1 this year, will not lead to the termination of deliveries of fuel to Ukraine.