Scientific Director of the Moscow Center of excellence, head of the Federal team of the Unified state examination on the mathematician Ivan Yashchenko assess the impact of distance learning on the results of the exam.

  • RIA Novosti

“Of course, the guys were hard to pass the exam this year the exam is and the stress, and then there’s the postponement, the inability to communicate with teachers and friends. But we see serious positive changes,” he said in an interview with “Russian newspaper”.

According to Yashchenko, the statistics shows less variability between the regions, increased the number vysokoballnikov where before they had almost no.

As the expert noted, many students were able to take advantage of new opportunities and prepare for the exams even better than in a normal situation.

Earlier, the head of the organization and the State final examination Rosebrooke Igor Kruglinski in conversation with appreciated the idea to write the exam only for students in higher education.