Michel Barnier

KIEV. July 27. UNN. The main negotiator from the EU on the UK exit from the European Union, Michel Barnier on the eve of the rejected key elements of the new proposals of the UK trade. About it UNN reported with reference to EurActiv.

However, Barnier said that he believes that the British hostage negotiator Dominic Raab, whom he met in Brussels on Thursday, “understood our concerns” regarding the boundaries between a member of the EU Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland.

The EU wants Northern Ireland to avoid border checks.

While Barnier made clear that the British proposal for the collection of customs duties for the EU are unable to convince the already skeptical Europeans.

“The EU cannot and… will not delegate the application of its customs policies and regulations, collection of VAT and excise taxes not its member, which will not obey the EU institutions. Any customs arrangements or a customs Union … shall respect this principle,” said Barnier.

He added that the British side “has promised to come back to us with concrete proposals on how to solve our problems.”

Britain going to leave the Alliance on 30 March, but both sides want to conclude an agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union by the end of October to give parliaments sufficient time for the approval of the transaction.

Recall that London has warned that without a trade deal does not pay the EU billions of “compensation”.