System Hawk-Eye sees what is not visible to the human eye.
System Hawk-Eye is not allowed to count a goal against man city in the game with Liverpool /

On 18-th minute of the Central match of the English Premier League between League leaders man city and Liverpool there was the episode in which a system of electronic recording of goals was able to distinguish the ball crossed the goal line “city” or not.

Forward “Liverpool” Sadio mane “noise” in the penalty opponent, after which the defender of “Manchester city” John stones had cleared the ball from the goal line. If the viewer will just watch the replay, you’ll probably say – a clean goal. However, ultra-precise system Hawk-Eye saw what no human eye sees.

The ball had not fully crossed the goal line man city – goals is not enough of 1.12 cm / NBC Sports Live Extra

The ball still hung over the goal line by 1.12 inches. Recall, according to the rules of football, the goal is counted only if the ball crosses the goal line throughout its circumference.

The system in England trusted implicitly, therefore, the players of “Liverpool” is not even arguing, said “Tribune”. Hawk-Eye should not be confused with VAR (replays, thanks to which the arbitrator is better able to understand the episode).

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System Hawk-Eye determines the spatial position of the ball using 14 cameras. Its accuracy is 100%. Even if one camera fails or the frame will close players will get information from the backup. When the ball crosses the goal line, the referees vibrate the watch with the glowing inscription GOAL.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in the Central match of the English Premier League “Manchester city” beat going in the first place “Liverpool” with the score 2:1.