Scientists around the world unnerving strange behavior of the magnetosphere of our planet, which by all indications had to make a momentous event – the change of the magnetic poles. But somehow delayed and since the last great coup passed 780 thousand years, with the duration of the cycle of 200-300 thousand years. Today we fix a serious weakening of the magnetic field – is this a harbinger of a Grand event?

The greatest disturbance is the South Atlantic Anomaly, the conditional of land, located between Brazil and South Africa, a kind of “hole” or “dent” in the overall magnetic field. Here, his level is so low that you have to disable the satellites on the flight time over this area to not “fried” by cosmic radiation. And the area of the anomaly is growing continuously since 1958.

As humanity firmly in the digital age and greatly depends on the stability of the electromagnetic environment on the planet, the study has engaged many eminent scholars. Researchers from the University of Liverpool, German research Geoscience centre GFZ and the University of Iceland has collected all the information about “handwriting” of recent global fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field to find it frightening regularity.

And found, but quite the opposite information. And 30 thousand years ago, and 50 thousand of the planet’s magnetic field had a different form than today. And 46 thousand years ago, it is so weakened that increased exposure to cosmic radiation is reflected in the isotopes of chlorine and beryllium, and it lasted for 3 thousand years. That is, the force and shape of earth’s magnetic field in geological terms was never stable values fluctuated all the time. But it has never been the direct forerunner of the revolution of the poles.
Source — University of Liverpool