Unique mobility drones appreciated already in many areas, for example – the delivery of goods directly to the customer’s door. The authors of a startup Flirtey (USA) went further, deciding to use drones for the immediate shipment of defibrillators to the patient, who was having serious heart problems.

This idea is not new. Back in 2014 in Delft University (Netherlands) developed a prototype drone ambulance is designed to deliver a defibrillator to where the patient is located. The drone was equipped with a built-in web camera thanks to which the operator (the doctor-resuscitator), watching, talked on the radio was next, how to use the defibrillator.

This year in the course of research at the Karolinska University (Sweden) found that drones defibrillators are to the place 4 times faster than a regular emergency services, which is extremely important during cardiac arrest when the bill goes to the minutes.

During the implementation of your project Fliptey joined forces with companies Domino, 7-Eleven, NASA, and also with regional emergency medical services United States – REMSA.

Once established, REMSA received a call about a heart attack from 911, to send to the call the ambulance, simultaneously sending a drone with a defibrillator, and its route and the shortest path. Fast shipping is designed so that anyone around will be able to begin resuscitation prior to arrival of the ambulance.