The DPRK reduced food rate to 300 gramsPhoto: 3DNews

The ration consists of grain, corn and potatoes

10.03.19 1400

The North Korean authorities due to the record crop failure, reduced food rations from 576 to 300 grams per day.

About this reports Deutsche Welle.

The German aid organization Deutsche Welthungerhilfe stated catastrophic food shortages in North Korea in record-breaking poor harvest in 2018, caused by floods and extreme heat.

Head of the representative office of this organization in North Korea Lars Duerkop announced that, in connection with an emergency situation, the DPRK authorities to reduce the daily food rations to citizens from 576 to 300 grams. The ration consists of grain, corn and potatoes.

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According to Duerkop, children, women and the elderly are exempt from this restriction. And those who needs more food and has the financial means, can buy other products in small markets.

Duerkop noted that international sanctions prevent the import into the DPRK of agricultural machinery, industrial raw materials and fertilizers.

As previously mentioned the Focus:

  • The international atomic energy Agency (IAEA) reported that characteristics of the reactor and the radiochemical laboratory in the North Korean nuclear complex Jonben were not recorded in the past few months.
  • And Donald trump said that North Korea will be no economic future if North Korea retain nuclear weapons.