In the clinic of Munich died Lotte van der Zee the winner of the beauty contest “Miss teen universe” (Miss Teen Universe).

The girl became ill the day before its 20th anniversary, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Lotte van der Zee received the honorary title of “little Miss universe” in 2017. The most beautiful teenager in the world died 2 years later. On the night of 6 March, the doctors at the Munich hospital, with the consent of the parents turned off the beauty of the life support system.

Lotte van der Zee was in the hospital due to a heart attack. She became ill at a ski resort in Austria, where she came to celebrate the birthday together with my parents.

Status of the winner of the beauty contest was very severe, the doctors decided to put her into an artificial coma. She was in her 2 weeks, but the treatment did not help – the girl denied the internal organs.

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