Vadim Kostyuchenko. Photo:

The detectives NAB on Tuesday visited with a search warrant, the infamous factory FFU for the production of artificial lawns, and also raided the house of Vice-President of FFU Vadim Kostyuchenko.

The search was conducted as part of the investigation to NAB the possible machinations of the football Federation of Ukraine for the production of artificial turf. Recall that the FFU is suspected of corruption schemes, including the use of budget funds.

A case of possible violations leads NABOO, which is actively continuing the investigation and conducted a series of investigations not only on the territory of the plant. The searches were conducted simultaneously at several locations.

The football Federation of Ukraine has fallen on hard times. In addition to the investigation of NABOO, they have to fend off accusations of illegitimate naturalization Moraes. The decision on this case was postponed until may 2 and until that time all parties will be in the dark.

In addition, the Federation will have to make some resonant solutions match-fixing. The main problem was how to punish the unofficial farm club “Shakhtar”, “Mariupol” for Frank dogovornyak “Gornyak-Sport”, but sanctions not to hurt the club.