At that time, as virtual reality takes the user to another world, augmented reality transforms the world around them. So Ford has a year ago purchased for its designers the headset, Microsoft Hololens, which will be fine tuning the placement of elements of the car after creating a clay model of the prototype.

Designers can create anything from headlights to the bumpers and wings, adjusting their size and placement on the body. According to the Manager of Ford Craig Wetzel, the combination of digital nets and physical reality is one of the very promising areas of technology design.

At present, designers on the basis of the figures create a digital 3D model and then sent their engineers, and those, in turn, was amended to return them back to the designers. Wetzel explains that when engineers and designers work with a headset Hololens, the process of creating a new model becomes more effective and gives a good result.

This method also provides benefits to employees from each other at a great distance. For example, the Chinese designers will be able online to see the changes made by American engineers.

German auto giant Volkswagen, in turn, uses the design of three-dimensional virtual environment Cave Automatic Virtual Environment. In this image projected onto multiple surfaces of a room-sized, creating a complex multidimensional model of the future car. By combining this technology with augmented reality can improve the design process of the machine is literally at all stages of the process — from sketch to the start of production.

Photo: VolkswagenИсточник — Wired