Italian designer Pierpaolo help of Lazzarini, who became famous for his project of a floating house UFO 2.0, did not stop on the reached. His next, more ambitious project – Wayaland involves the creation of a whole city composed of floating pyramidal modules — Waya. Their concept of help of Lazzarini learned from Japanese and ancient Mayan architecture.

The modules will be made of modern, durable and lightweight materials – fiberglass, carbon and steel. Energy Wayaland fully provided by solar panels and water turbines. Because the modules perform different functions, they all have different sizes. So, some of the modules are designed to stay in other, for example, can accommodate greenhouses, hotels and cinemas. It is assumed that the maximum height of the module will not exceed 30 meters.

The basis of the modules – large floating platform with a space located below the water level and designed for additional bedrooms. Engine modules will be able to move, plus, in each pyramid has a small jetty for boats and other small vessels.

According to the help of Lazzarini, the first, the smallest unit will cost about 350000 euros. To promote the project and to earn start-up capital is expected to hold crowdfunding, as well as to offer everyone accommodation in the module for 1000 euros per night. Proposed another form of participation in the project – vote for location (from the list), where “anchor” Wayaland. If all goes according to plan, his presentation could take place 2022.

Source — Lazzarini Design