The defendant in the “case 2 may” in Odessa, Fuchedzhi received Russian citizenship

Russia has refused to extradite one of the former heads of the Odessa police


The former Deputy head of the interior Ministry in the Odessa region, the defendant in the “case 2 may” Dmitry Fuchedzhi received citizenship of the Russian Federation. This is stated in the answer of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation at the request of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, reports Gromadska with reference to head of the Department of special investigation GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk.

In Russia, request assistance in the extradition and the arrest of Fuchedzhi answered that can’t do that, because the suspect is a citizen of Russia.

“The question is why the person who was entrusted with the protection of public order during mass events, nothing. And did nothing, when accompanied by aggressive citizens that have supported Russia, and in fact their inaction provoked a fight between Pro-Russian and Pro-Ukrainian-minded activists, which led to the shooting. And another question, why this person later received Russian citizenship – that’s what we’re trying to figure out,” said the investigators, who are investigating the actions of law enforcement officers during the events of 2 may 2014 in Odessa.

We will remind, on may 2, 2014 in Odessa during the riots 48 people died and over 200 were injured. Most of the victims died in the House of trade unions. The investigation revealed that the riots in Odessa was organized and planned.

Former Deputy head of the main Department of MIA of Ukraine in Odessa region, the chief of militia of public safety Dmitry Fuchedzhi was dismissed due to suspicions of inaction during the clashes on 2 may 2014 in Odessa. In may 2014 he was wanted.