Photo Curse of lupus. 6 celebrities suffering from the same disease that Julia Nachalova

Renowned singer tragically died at age 38. But the disease with which she fought, and haunts many people. Focus has gathered a selection of celebrities who are struggling with illness

Lydia Novoseletsky – 18.03.19 96570

Saturday, March 16 was a 38-year-old singer and TV presenter Yulia Nachalova. The news of her death came from the Moscow Botkin hospital, where a celebrity was taken on March 11 due to complications of gout and systemic lupus erythematosus. The tragic departure of Yulia was due to blood poisoning, in a few days caused pulmonary edema and brain.

It all started with the fact that the singer, while touring Rome, rubbed a callus on the foot, which at first did not attach importance. A few days later her condition rapidly deteriorated: the gangrene began. According to reports, starting immediately after admission, it became known that the immunity of Nachalovo was almost inactive. The doctors fought hard for her life, but in the end was powerless.

Julia Nachalova is not the only celebrity who suffered from an autoimmune disease that cost her her life at a young age. The diagnosis, in which your own immune cells start to attack healthy, affecting the connective tissue and vessels, made several world stars. Doctors say that lupus has a genetic predisposition and is of a chronic nature, with women affected much more often than men. Treatment for lupus erythematosus to date, does not exist. As one of methods of struggle with the disease is deactivating their own immunity of the patient resulting in danger to die from even a cold can be so much more.

Lady Gaga. From lupus died a close relative

From lupus died Joan – favorite aunt is Oscar-winning singer, and a few years ago, a similar diagnosis most Lady Gaga. “It’s not lupus. Doctors call this a boundary condition: that is, if I don’t stay healthy, the disease will begin to progress,” commented on a celebrity his sudden disappearance from the sight of his fans. Since the announcement of the diagnosis, the singer repeatedly cancelled concerts, it pursues a chronic fatigue, pain in muscles, sudden change in temperature and a red rash on the face. During an exacerbation, the singer is experiencing severe pain that deprived her of the opportunity to conduct concerts and public activities.

When it became known about the disease Gaga fans literally threw your favorite celebrity posts of sympathy, and she could not leave without attention such participation fans: “I was so overwhelmed by the participation, recognition and personal stories about chronic pain, he thought: “Damn, maybe I should share my 5 years experience of dealing with this problem.” Each of us has our own case and, of course, the first thing you need to consult a doctor. However, I can give some advice. When my body starts strong contractions, helps me infrared sauna. I combine this method with using silver “quilt Essentials” — it is cheap, reusable and, in addition, help detox the body to get rid of extra pounds! So as not to overheat and do not cause inflammation, I then always take a very cold bath or an ice bath (if you can handle that, it’s worth it), or put the frozen food from the fridge to the sick.”

Selena Gomez. The youngest celebrity with lupus

About five years ago, this diagnosis was one of the most popular young singers is Selena Gomez. 25-year-old pop star with a multimillion army of followers in Instagram has undergone chemotherapy and kidney transplant. From celebrities skin of the face and progressive disease has led to the fact that Selena was affected kidney and heart. According to the testimony of doctors, she developed lupus nephritis associated with chronic inflammation of the kidneys, so she was assigned to transplantation.

In 2015, the singer admitted that he experienced panic attacks and chronic depression – symptoms, swelling and pain in the joints. The diagnosis was a terrible shock to the celebrity and her family. Selene had at the peak of popularity to cancel your tour and to urgently start treatment.

Toni Braxton. Publicly struggling with serious illness

Perhaps the most famous person who has long and publicly struggling with this serious illness. The star frequently discusses this issue on her show Braxton Family Values. She is often forced to go to the hospital, that in his time, greatly influenced the popularity and performance of a celebrity.

Since then, as Tony found out about his diagnosis, she decided to systematically raise awareness and funds to help those who suffer from this disease. Sometimes, getting another award, the singer in his speech he mentioned about his illness: “Look, so it looks like lupus.”

Forces. Singer with scars on the face

The singer, known for her beautiful voice and numerous scars, discoidea suffering from lupus erythematosus, a special kind of disease, in which there are deep wounds on the skin and hair fall completely. The diagnosis he was put back in adolescence. In an interview with one of American music publications, the singer once admitted that he could not accept myself and my appearance. Could not accept and was in constant depression. But later began to love myself, with all faults.

CORI Broadus. The daughter of the famous rapper Snoop Dogg

It is known that the disease affects primarily women from 20 to 40 years, but there are exceptions. The daughter of a famous rapper Corey Broadus felt the manifestation of the disease in early childhood. The girl’s family watches the health of the Measles and is trying to keep her illness under control. She was five years old takes a lot of drugs and even made achievements in sports during school. At the same time she avoids sun exposure.

Michael Jackson. Suffered with the disease for 28 years

Recently, the name of the singer is actively discussed in the press in connection with very different circumstances, but deposed the king of pop has also suffered from this disease. The diagnosis was Jackson at the age of 28 years and its symptoms are clearly visible in many pictures. In the pictures with a small amount of makeup Michael painfully red face, red rash in the form of a butterfly. The doctors claimed that the catalyst for the revitalization of the disease was an accident. At the age of 26, Michael was badly burned during filming of Pepsi ad, after which health problems become apparent.