Activists believe that the CEC has repeatedly ignored violations of the law.

Activists demand to bring to responsibility the Central election Commission Petro Poroshenko for campaign materials with Putin.

This was stated by Bogdan Vasilyuk, head of the Board NGO “Centre for monitoring election programme”, commenting on the decision of the Sixth administrative court of appeal to dismiss the suit.

Activists believe that the court made the decision under pressure from the presidential Administration.

“Poroshenko needs to answer for what he campaigned for himself Putin and the CEC for inaction and facilitation of the violations! The sixth administrative court of appeals under pressure from the presidential Administration, denied our claim. Appeal to the court of cassation”, – activists note.

They are convinced that the CEC has repeatedly ignored violations of the law.

“The inaction of the CEC strikes – and why we filed the lawsuit, which demand to recognize illegal the inactivity of the CEC and the fact that Petro Poroshenko broke the law when he hung on the country billboards with Putin! That is, the President of the aggressor country is actually campaigning for a candidate for President of Ukraine? And CEC doesn’t react to it,” – said in comments.

In the lawsuit they point out and about other violations of the electoral legislation, which was implemented and had not received its proper evaluation.

“First, one of the presidential candidates asked for an electronic copy of the database of the State voter register, but the CEC was allowed to see her only in her room during working hours. Secondly, the CEC selectively registered public organizations, which can be official observers in the presidential elections,” – noted activists.

They are convinced that the CEC has gone beyond its authority when it issued clarifications on payment of public organizations for the dissemination of propaganda and the right for them to “reimburse” the agitators for their services.

“Thus in fact have been legalized vote buying. Took advantage of this opportunity, only one candidate – the incumbent President”, – activists note.

Another violation according to activists is that the CEC allow the OIC to create “working groups” to check the security of the IAS “the Elections of the President of Ukraine” UIAS “Elections”, without specifying the composition of such groups.

“As a result, they mostly consisted of employees of the SBU and beyond remained specialists are employees of the state service of special communication and information protection of Ukraine”, – activists note.

The lawsuit also notes that during the re-distribution of posts in the OIC in connection with the removal from registration of candidates, the CEC gave the preference to one of the candidates for the post of President of Ukraine.

“The media reported on a secret decision of the NSDC, which create a “mirror server” CEC. Supposedly if fall core. The location of the mirror – also the secret. Seventh, the manipulation of the voter register, when constantly called different digits in their number to 30 to 35 million,” says the lawsuit.

Activists say that the Minister of internal Affairs Avakov, the interior Ministry and Netpolice since the beginning of the electoral process has received more than 2,000 reports of violations of the electoral legislation. Opened more than a hundred of criminal proceedings, composed of 401 Protocol on adminnarushenii.

“In addition, the restriction of the right of national observers by a vote granting them permission to attend the meetings of the commissions, incidents of signs of abuse of administrative resources in elections, use of official events of the authorities in electoral interests,” the statement said.

Activists are convinced that the Central election Commission for its inaction to ensure the proper conduct of the election campaign.