Gennady Trukhanov

Solomensky district court of Kiev refused to dismiss Gennady Trukhanov from the duties of the mayor of Odessa, the Prosecutor’s office has five days to appeal the decision. This decision was made today judge Dmitry Briefly, the correspondent

Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) were asked to Trukhanov remove from office the mayor that he could not put pressure on witnesses and tamper the evidence.

Trukhanov’s lawyers argue that there is no such risk, because the witnesses already questioned and financial records seized.

He Trukhanov told the court that his removal may lead to financial risks for the city, as it is a signatory of a number of projects with international funding.

Commenting on the decision of the court, the Prosecutor Vitaliy Kravets told reporters that SAP is likely to appeal to the court of appeal.

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14 Feb Trukhanov and his Deputy Paul Vogelman detained at Boryspil airport, passing the NAB. Both appear in criminal proceedings on misappropriation and embezzlement of property. February 15, at the courthouse, which was released both on bail of the Deputy from BPP Dmitry Golubov, clashed with the shooting (photos) with the participation of Razdrogin, the police and the titushky.

SAP appealed against the decision of the court with the requirement to elect Trukhanov arrest with a bail of 50 million UAH, however, the Appeals court denied this petition. Thus, the mayor of Odessa remains on bail until 15 April 2018.

In this February 26, Solomensky court of Kiev at the request of SAP arrested the property Trukhanov.

On 21 February, the court sent under night house arrest of two officials of the Odessa city Council in the case of the plant “region”.

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