ODESSA-KIEV. April 24. UNN. Today, the Kiev district court of Odessa, the judge will announce the sentence against educators responsible for fire safety in the camp “Victoria”. This is the correspondent of UNN.

Natalia Tsokur (Ancic) is charged under part 2 of article 137 of the criminal code (improper performance of official duties, resulting in the death of children). According to prosecutors, aware of all the consequences, N. Tsokur (Ancic) improperly performed their duties that led to the death of three minors during a fire in the children’s camp “Victoria”.

Itself, the defendant fully admitted his guilt, and the victim claims to it. The Prosecutor’s office asks the court to declare the teacher is guilty in part 2 of article 137 of the criminal code of Ukraine and to appoint punishment in the form of 3 years of prison without serving their sentence in prison with a probation period of 2 years. In turn, the lawyer of the accused was supported by the Prosecutor, but noted that probation, in his opinion, should be 1 year.

As reported UNN, the fire in the camp Viktoriya killed three children.