ODESSA-KIEV. March 12. UNN. Today the Kyiv district court of Odessa chose a measure of restraint against defendant on 2 may. About it the correspondent of UNN reported in the press service of the Kiev district court of Odessa.

The citizen of the Russian Federation Evgeny Nefedov accused of committing criminal offenses under part 1 of article 109, part 2 of article 110, part 1 of article 14, part 1 of article 294 of the criminal code of Ukraine.

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At the preparatory meeting, the Prosecutor declared the petition for election accused a preventive measure in form of detention for a period of 60 days, citing the fact that the person accused of committing serious crimes, is a citizen of another state and can escape from court to avoid justice. The defender petitioned the election of softer measure of restraint in the form of a round-the-clock house arrest.

“Having considered the petition, the court took the defendant into custody, noting that the election of such measure of restraint is justified, because the risk has not decreased and not eliminated. In addition, the court said that the man accused of committing a crime which the law provides for the possibility of a single kind of measure of restraint – detention”, – is spoken in the message.