Maxim Polyakov

KIEV. June 14. UNN. Solomenskiy district court of Kyiv extended the procedural obligations within the framework of restraint in the form of collateral to the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Maksym Polyakov until August 6, 2018. This is stated in the court decision, reports UNN.

According to the decision, the court granted the motion of SAP and continued responsibilities for Polyakov.

In particular, only three responsibilities, according to which the MP should arrive to the detective, Prosecutor or court on demand, notify change of place of residence and work, as well as not to communicate with several persons in criminal proceedings.

As reported by UNN, in February 2018 NABU and SAP has completed the investigation of the case of Polyakov and Rosenblatt and provided them and their defenders materials to read.

21 July 2017 Solomensky district court of Kiev elected the people’s Deputy Maxim Polyakov measure in the form of pledge in the amount of 304 thousand.

However, in September, the court counted in favor of the state, his security Deposit for failure to perform certain procedural duties and identified a new Deposit in the amount of 608 thousand UAH.

It is worth noting that Polyakov was removed the part of the main responsibilities, namely to wear a bracelet to hand over the passport, to leave the Ukraine, etc.