As he noted in the commentary to the new edition of the author’s transfer on the Youtube channel, if the second phase of health reform start now, hundreds of hospitals will be left without funding needed for normal operation.

Filatov noted that the beginning of the second phase of the medical reform is impossible without a thorough analysis, detailed planning and determination of the reference hospitals in the regions.

The mayor of the Dnieper noted that ill-considered reform of medical institutions can lead to the collapse of the sector: hospitals do not receive sufficient funding for its activities and for the payment of salaries to employees.

Previously, other representatives of the authorities on the ground said that the planned on April 1, the transition of health facilities providing specialised (in-patient) help direct the financial administration of the National health service of Ukraine (NSTU) can in the present state of Ukrainian medicine have enormous disastrous consequences.

Because government funding, which many Ukrainian hospitals will receive formulas and algorithms, certain NCSU, sometimes 1.5-2 times lower than previous levels of financing, which was carried out by medical subventions.

In several cities of Ukraine the medics are out to protest, demanding from the authorities to conduct a more thorough analysis of the situation and bring the funding in line with the real needs of medical institutions.

“Hundreds of hospitals in different cities at risk to remain without means or prospects, and patients without medical aid”, – said Filatov.

“The country is not ready for it, and time is lost.

I appeal to the President, the Prime Minister and the updated composition of the government before to implement something, make sure it works as it should. I urge you to prevent the shutdown of hospitals and clinics,” – said the mayor of the Dnieper.

Earlier, Boris Filatov said the perpetrators that the people of Ukraine so terrified of reacting to the coronavirus. According to the mayor of the Dnieper, that the current government is primarily responsible for what happens, and Ukrainians are not guilty of anything.

Recall, Filatov told about one of his important victories on a post of the mayor of the Dnieper.

According to him, when he started out, his back laughing. Now he can safely say that for the sake of the result of those tests pass cost.