37-year-old athlete Alexander Lazarev in his youth, was into the action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“I ate a lot and lift weights. Then I wanted to score as many pounds. In training I lifted a lot of weight at 250 pounds and my goal was to swing up to 100 kilograms. Eating has become a job and not even bring any pleasure – eating, then mostly a lot of fat and carbohydrates,” says Alexander.

And then Alexander stopped liking his mountain of muscles and he decided to get rid of them. From powerlifting Alexander was abandoned in favor of bodybuilding. “I set another goal. I wanted not just to be stronger, and hardier, more beautiful aesthetically, he said.

Gradually, his weight began to melt. In the end, he still got rid of 40 pounds. “First went excess fat, and then began to leave the muscle. I became a lot tougher. Muscles do not become bumpy and more smooth. They completely changed their structure, I became fitter and I like my appearance, shared the successes of Alexander.

Now I’m at that weight, as at the time of graduation. But it changed the structure of the muscles, and now I like them stamina and my appearance.”