Company news The choice of tablet case – how to determine the size

Any tablet, from small 7-inch device up to a powerful 12-inch giant, requires careful handling. The most convenient way to store your personal technique to pick up for her case. And the choice of “protective suit” should start with the size


Protection and style

How useful and even necessary tablet covers, neat known to all owners of such devices. Those who used carefully refers to a technique, I try to buy this accessory immediately after purchase the pills.

The current tablet device is a stylish, versatile technique, which is equally good in games and business applications. Such a device is valuable not only spent on it means. It is an effective tool storage of important data, detail image of its owner. It really want to keep intact. And then not do without the comfortable clothes for worry-free mobile assistant.


Consider the type of tablet coating is designed primarily to protect. Books, folders, boxes – all they protect from damage as the back side and screen. This cover protects the machine from dust, moisture, scratches, mechanical damages. She is able to keep the tablet even with the fall.

In addition, such accessories can be a decoration. Their selection is large enough that everyone can find a design to your liking.

The choice of case size

Selection criteria tablet coating at everyone. Some need maximum reliability, another important attractive appearance, the third picks the cheaper option. But, regardless of the cost, design or design, the tablet case should match the size of the device.

Sorry to pick up a cover or a case, not enough to know the diagonal of the tablet. For example, when the diagonal 8 inches aspect ratio can be 8:5 or 4:3. But even with equal aspect ratio dimensions, different models will vary.

The easiest way to go to the store, taking their device to try on. But, as practice shows, retail stores offer a limited selection of accessories. It is likely that there will be presented cover only a few popular models.

In search of diversity it makes sense to visit the online store. Of course, there will not be an opportunity to pre-try the case. But the choice of tablet cover online store without trying is not a choice blindly.

First of all, you should check whether there are in the sales folder or books for a particular model. So, many brands of mobile devices offer unique accessories that are compatible with the devices of their rulers. In addition, for the sought-after models have cases from third-party manufacturers.

The easiest way to find specialized cases for popular devices brands. For example, models of the iPad, new tablets from Samsung or Lenovo. In addition, some manufacturers offer their own cases, compatible with their budget or mid-price models. Such a nice add-on exist for new devices from Huawei, Nomi, Xiaomi.

The accessories designed for a specific model is definitely the best option. This case is exactly suited to the machine, it will take into account all the design features of the device. For example, the layout of the buttons, connectors, speakers, lens.

What to do if the chosen model is not provided specialized case? In this case, the most logical solution become universal accessories. Manufacturers offer a wide range of sizes for devices with different dimensions.

Universal cases, made in the form of books, usually equipped with elastic corner fasteners. For example, silicone rubber bands or clips. By such mountings the case is not tied to the exact dimensions of the device.

Occur especially flexible solutions, compatible with a wide range of sizes. For example, the cover from UNItabcase suitable for devices with screen from 7 inch to 8.4. Elastic silicone fastening the same securely holds devices of different sizes.


But even among universal covers you can choose a more suitable one. To to pick up tablet case size should determine the exact dimensions of your handheld device. That is, measure it or refer to technical characteristics. And then remains to compare these data with the internal dimensions of the case.


A variety of covers, bags, books, coasters

Cases for tablets are significantly different on a number of parameters. The most notable features of these accessories – construction and design. The most common varieties of tablet cases include the following:

The book – a model with a base that is attached to the device, and top cover protecting the screen. To operate the device do not need to remove enough to open the lid. The mount is usually designed so that buttons and ports remain accessible.

Stand – most often, this kind of book. Easily converts into a convenient stand, the right to work, to read, to watch the video. Constructively this can be realized in different ways. For example, there are models with folding lid, hinged base. Coasters can be especially useful for owners of large devices with a diagonal of 10 inches or more.

The pocket or pouch is the most simple and concise solution. Is a pouch that fits the camera. Only suitable for transport or storage.

These accessories can be made of plastic, textile, polyurethane, natural or artificial leather. There is a possibility to choose, being guided only by budget and personal preference.

It should also pay attention to the functional features. Book or case may close for a rubber band, a latch, a magnet, a snake. Some products provided by the pockets, organizers to store additional accessories. There are reinforced, shock-proof model and also waterproof cases.



For many owners of tablet devices, this case is a mandatory purchase. That he is able to become a boundary between a device and the need for repair. This coating preserves the beauty of the stylish device. But an attractive book or box themselves are elegant accessories. With their help you can complement your look, to emphasize the taste and personality.

Before buying you must determine the type of coverage, choose the right design and design. And most importantly – make sure that the pocket or book exactly fit the size.

Internet-shop offers to pick up and buy cases for Samsung tablets or other well-known manufacturers. Suitable system of filters allows you to quickly find the desired product. And detailed information about each product to help make the choice.