Photo taken with one of the highest points in the surrounding area of Shanghai – the Oriental pearl tower, managed to make a lot of noise, especially among users of social networks: it looked and studied more than 8 million people. The authors of the Studio BigPixel reported that the image resolution is 195 gigapixels.

To understand a lot or a little, just remember that the resolution is familiar to us digital cameras and smartphones today is approximately 12 megapixels. In the case of gigapixels we are talking about billions of pixels.

These characteristics give the possibility to create photo 2000 times accurately the images taken with an ordinary camera. Due to the special technology of stitching, managed to make a panoramic picture made up of many collected over several months of photos “stitched” into one image.

This high resolution can greatly increase the deleted objects in the photo — for example, to see the facial expression of the man behind hundreds of meters from the camera.
Source — BigPixel