The child stars who disgraced their parents

23.08.2018 15:00

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25 Aug 1961 born Billy ray Cyrus, the American actor and musician whose popularity can not be compared with the fame of his daughter Miley Cyrus. Singer Frank takes clips and puts the pictures in the Nude, also appearing in dresses, barely covering her body on the red carpet. Clearly many parents would be ashamed of such antics of their children, however, according to the father of Miley, he is not worried. The children of the stars constantly followed by reporters and paparazzi, and not in vain, because during their short life still stellar offspring often forced their mothers and fathers to blush and go crazy. We present you the children of celebrities who have tarnished the reputation of the parents.

Miley Cyrus
There are no such circumstances in which the singer would start to feel ashamed of his body. Basically it is the desire to shock the audience is a major consideration when choosing outfits for stage and parties. In the life of Miley dresses more naturally, in order to reduce attention to the person from annoying fans.

At concerts girls are always Orgy is happening, the audience likes, and this means that Miley is happy.

For example, in one of her concerts Miley stripped naked. Frame the provocative singer posted on his Instagram, which was so full of “naked” photo.

Son Michael Douglas Cameron
In 2009, the senior offspring of the stars was in prison for trafficking in hard drugs. To deny the guilt was useless, Cameron caught red handed in the room of the hotel where he was staying.

The original sentence was five years, but when Cameron the camera found several doses of heroin, deadline added another four and a half years.