The CEC stressed that working with little ahead of schedule.
Illustration / REUTERS

Deputy Chairman of the Central election Commission Yevhen Radchenko has denied allegations of delaying the official announcement of the results of repeated voting on presidential elections on April 21.

The TV channel “Direct” Radchenko said that the CEC is working on the contrary ahead of schedule.

“We go, you know, with little ahead of schedule, which us law States… the Process is, fee come, hand over documents. The CEC Secretariat handles the protocols to each site, none, not any no questions”, – he assured.

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Radchenko recalled that, according to the law on presidential elections, the CEC has 10 days from the day of re-voting in order to sum up the voting results.

“As the number of 25 CEC accepted almost all of the protocols of district commissions for processing. We remained only three of the Commission, which is scheduled for tomorrow. District. In addition, some 40 precinct election commissions of the foreign election district”, – he added.

Radchenko said that “everything points to the fact that the CEC, by contrast, is fast, and most importantly – exactly.”

As UNIAN reported earlier, Vladimir Zelensky, who won the elections of the President of Ukraine, said that the CEC has delayed the publication of official results of repeated voting on presidential elections on April 21. The corresponding video address was published on his page in Facebook.