No money, no medical equipment, the official did not provide.

The capital official has appropriated 10 million, which the Department of health has allocated for the purchase of the ventilator.

As reported, the Kyiv regional state administration, the police have sent a statement of the need for investigation against the officer who headed the DOSES and the return in the budget of 10 million.

The former head of the Department of health instructed to buy 15 of the ventilator. Is allocated 10 million. Contract delivery vehicles entrusted to a private company “Linton Groups”, but to the desired date medical equipment was never delivered, despite full payment.

4 may the head of the Department of health dismissed. Against him initiated a criminal case under article abuse of power or official position.

In the Kiev regional state administration hope to return the entire amount and still purchase the money the ventilator.

Recall that in the Association of anesthesiologists of Ukraine addressed a letter to the head of state, Vladimir Zelensky, the Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers, Doctors noted that the outdated ventilators are very dangerous for human life.

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Alena Doroshenko