Shop computer games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a new product that resembles a good old-fashioned child’s toy “Tamagotchi”. Even the name is similar, “Domohani”, although it can be clearly seen references to a gun-gun “of Tommygun” and “guns” (cannons) in General. The principle is also similar and the main difference is that the little pet all the time for blood and death virtual enemies.

Tomohane can be “hungry” “dirty” “naughty” or “sleepy”. To meet his needs need to kill the enemies and kill with taste, arranging a series of deaths, performing deadly missions and arranging the bloodshed on the screen. All the action takes place in the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and electronic pet eagerly watching him.

To get Tamoguni, you need to spend 1000 points CoD ($10) and buy a keychain with a wrist. Next, he activated in the game settings and begins to follow the gameplay of the user, from time to time, demanding more blood and death. What a game, and pet, all natural. However, you can go to the camp of pacifists and Tomohane will quickly die from lack of adrenaline and virtual corpses.

Source — Activision