The message on a mining of the channel received at his official e-mail.
In Odessa “mined” channel /

In the Primorsky district of Odessa law enforcement officers check the message on a mining of the TV company “7 Kanal”. As reported the UNIAN in head Department of the national police in the Odessa region, the message arrived on the 102 specialline today at 08:08.

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“The police are checking the information about mining television on the French Boulevard,” – said in the Chapter.

Now on a scene work and explosives investigative team.

As reported by the employees of the TV channel, the message on a mining arrived on his official email. Now, all employees evacuated.

Unknown, in particular, wrote that the timer starts from the moment of opening a letter.

According to the police at 08:50, the building of the canal were examined. Explosives it was revealed not.

Essential cable TV station “channel 7” is one of the leading in Odessa, controlled by well-known businessman Nodding Adnan.