Recently Ani Lorak is very active in Instagram publishes a lot of photos and Stories.
Photo Lorak appeared in a glittering mini dress and fishnet tights / photos

The disgraced Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak disgraced new photo from the speech. In the frame she and her backing dancers appeared in not a very favorable light.

The published in Instagram artist. Many have already spread, asking, that they have expression.

Read takenaway photos of Ani Lorak with the lips “duck” was appalling to the network

“Well, and facial expressions”, “the Dancer on the left… Nou koment”, “That girl on the left?”, “The whorehouse”, “I had photos to crop, something all the unhappy faces”, “They are some broody”, “When to care, how to look like girlfriend, more importantly, you’re beautiful”, “on the Left of the dancers is obvious, genuine joy from the holidays”, “girls in the background something is not all right” – write in the comments under the photo.

Earlier, the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, which is in Russia, shocked the network outright outfit.