The border guards intercepted a large consignment of contraband cigarettes in the EU

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KIEV. April 6. UNN. On the border with Romania, the border guards of Mukachevo detachment together with customs officers detained a truck with tobacco, who were trying to smuggle across the border. This was reported to UNN in the press service of the State border service of Ukraine.

The incident occurred today at the checkpoint “Djakovo”. The smuggler tried to illegally move across the border a large shipment of tobacco products, concealed among the cargo.

Scania truck, driven by 46-year-old citizen of Serbia, going to the exit from Ukraine.

According to the documents the man was carrying chipboard. However, during the inspection the border guards among the cargo found a stash of contraband cigarettes.

Tobacco products were hidden inside pallets of plates in the prepared cavities. Only one of the pallets, the group conducting the examination, counted 40 boxes of cigarettes, but only in the truck that followed in Serbia, there were 8 such pallets.

Now the inspection is ongoing. Upon its completion, will be installed, what is the number of smuggled smokes the perpetrators tried to move across the state border of Ukraine.

Recall from ORDA set up a scheme of cigarette smuggling through the sea of Azov.