Recently paleontologists have discovered in Colombia and Venezuela the fossil remains of a prehistoric turtle species Stupendemys geographicus, which is considered the largest in history. Only one shell of the reptile weighed more than 1200 kg, and adult length greater than 3 meters. However, with such dimensions in the world of that era, the monster was nothing more than a light lunch for these monsters, like puruskar (giant ancient ancestor of crocodiles – approx. ed Techcult).

Found armor heavy and huge, furthermore, it has a strange Horny protrusions, which scientists have attributed to the elements of passive protection. The horns are much larger in males than in females, which very likely indicates a violent temper the huge turtles of the titans, often opposed to fighting among themselves. At the same time, their monstrously large and durable shells bear traces penetrations, broken pieces or deep scratches that left teeth much larger predators.

The heyday of Stupendemys geographicus is defined as 5-10 million years ago, making their neighbours in freshwater marshes with prehistoric crocodile puraskaram (Purussaurus). With a body length of more than 10 m and weight of 5 tons, and the length of the powerful jaws from 1.5 m, he could easily kill the giant turtles. The calculated force of its bite is several times the strength of the armour, amphibious, therefore, not surprising that almost all of the found remains belong to individuals who died a violent death.

Poruszajacych — Science Advances