The “big seven” threatens Russia with new sanctions

Russia should fulfill the Minsk agreement


Leaders “the Big seven” does not rule out additional sanctions against Russia in case of failure of the Minsk agreements. This is stated in the final Declaration of the G7 summit, perelaet .

“We recall that the duration of the sanctions against Russia are clearly tied to the performance of its obligations under the Minsk agreements and its respect for the sovereignty of Ukraine”, – the document says.

The leaders stressed that the solution to the crisis in Ukraine requires the implementation of the Minsk agreements by all parties.

“Sanctions can be rolled back if Russia will fulfill its obligations. However, we also are ready to take additional measures to increase the financial losses of Russia if its actions are required” – said the leaders of the “Big seven”.

In addition, the G7 reaffirmed its commitment to a policy of non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea and also the full support of the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

However, as stressed by the leaders of the “Big seven”, despite the disagreements with Russia, they would support its involvement in the solution of regional crises and common challenges.

We will remind, the United States and other countries “Big Seven” supports the opinion that Russia’s return to the group is possible only after Moscow will restore the sovereignty of Ukraine.