Call frequently or conduct long conversations?

If you call Russia often (several times a month or a week), then you do not need to worry about paying for support. Companies that offer the lowest tariffs expect that you will often use their services. Thus, they are ready to offer the lowest prices. In replacement, they collect maintenance fee once a week or once every two weeks. If you intend to use purchased minutes in a short time, choose the card with the lowest tariff . You will save money, as you will not have much to pay for the support.

Call rarely or make short calls?

If you are not going to use all the minutes on the phone card in a short time, it’s better to buy a card without payment for support . Although it is possible that the tariff will be slightly higher, you will save on not paying any fees even if you do not use the phone card for a long time.

Does the phone card have a local access number in your city?

Most of the phone cards on the Cards website have both a local access number and a toll free access number. Providers of phone cards have to pay extra fees if you use a free long-distance access phone, while for a local number they do not have to pay extra. Therefore, it is cheaper for you to use a local access number. If there is no local number in your area, you can still use it if you have free long distance. Most mobile phone providers include such free minutes in their plans. Recently, free long-distance minutes can also be obtained from local telephone companies.

What is the phone card rating?

By selecting a phone card on the Cards website you can view its detailed information, including its rating. Cards are evaluated based on feedback from users of these same phone cards. The rating is based on the following parameters: connection quality, sound quality, payment accuracy, and customer support.

Compare cards

You can compare phone cards with each other, up to three cards at a time, by clicking on the card comparison link. For example, by selecting a Continental calling card by clicking on the Compare Cards link and selecting two more cards for comparison. Here is an example of comparing cards Penny Boss, Lucky Minutes, and Cheap Stree – cards with the lowest prices for calls from the USA to Russia.

Try the cards yourself

The best way to find out which phone card is best for you is to buy and try. If you are not sure about the card, buy the minimum amount and try to use the card. If you like it, you can always add more money to the card. Cards sold on the Cards website do not require changing the password or PIN when adding money to them.