Video of terrorist Attack in Kharkiv metro: recruited by the Russian secret services were preparing to blow up the stationPhoto:

SBU caught the terrorist during the preparation of the explosion

22.03.19 11000

In Kharkov the SBU within the framework of the special operation were wounded in the subway. Reports a press about it-service SBU.

Operational staff found out that Russian special services recruited Kharkov is planning a terrorist attack on one of the metro stations. Its curators planned to maximize the number of victims of the explosion to destabilize the country.

To this end, representatives of special services of Russia gave the Kharkiv explosive device, whose capacity was 600 grams of TNT. The device had to be powered through a phone call. The contractor was also provided with instructions for preparation for the explosion, as well as the prize of 15 thousand dollars.

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Also, the attacker independently purchased nails, screws, bolts and nuts, to increase the radius of destruction from a bomb explosion.

In the framework of the special operation of Ukrainian special services in advance withdrew the bomb from its hiding place and replaced it with a fake. The offender was detained “on hot” — at metro Industrial, which he tried to establish a fake bomb.

At the moment the detainee it is reported about suspicion in the Commission of a terrorist act. Pre-judicial investigation proceeds.

As previously reported by the Focus:

  • SBU uncovered “a network of anti-Ukrainian agitators”.
  • Also the SBU blocked the channel of smuggling of cocaine from Panama to Israel through Ukraine.
  • And on the border of the Ukrainian security services detained a consignment of anti-Ukrainian books.