The athlete from South Africa before the competition, tried to saw off the legsPhoto:

Doctors say the victim will be able to walk, but not soon

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During training, the South African triathlete Mhlanga Goaly he was attacked by unknown people and tried to cut off his legs with a chainsaw. About it reports the Russian service of the BBC.

Partner Guala training Sandal Chang reported that the now 26-year-old is in the hospital and that his injuries are serious but not life-threatening.

Three unidentified men attacked the athlete early in the morning on March 6 in Durban, the third in population town of the South African Republic, during a training ride.

The attackers managed to injure saw both legs of a triathlete before he was able to break free of them.

The press-Secretary of police Nabil Guala reported that a criminal case was opened under article “attempted murder”.

“He thought he want to Rob, stopped and gave them my phone number. But they didn’t want his phone, no watch, no bike,” he told Chang.

He shared terrifying details of the incident: “he was dragged into some bushes, grabbed a saw and started sawing off legs. When we got to the bone, the saw got stuck as it was not too spicy. Then they started on the other leg.”

“The doctors told him that his leg can be saved and that he would walk again, but the road to recovery will be long,” – shared Sang.

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South African triathlete Henry Schumann, who won bronze at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016-m to year, in his Twitter called the incident absolutely disgusting.

This month Guala had to participate in the national championship of South Africa triathlon.